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Profile: Cath Crowley

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Cath Crowley

Cath Crowley grew up in rural Victoria. She now works in Melbourne as a writer and part-time teacher.

Cath is the author of the ‘Gracie Faltrain’ series, with two of these novels being listed as Notable Books on the CBC Book of the Year Awards.

‘The Life and Times of Gracie Faltrain’ and ‘Gracie Faltrain Takes Control’ are fast paced narratives that follow the journey of a group of soccer playing students on their way to the state league.

Her second novel, ‘Chasing Charlie Duskin’, was shortlisted for the CBC Children’s Book of the Year Awards in 2006. In 2011, Cath gained much literary acclaim for her novel, ‘Graffiti Moon’, winning several notable awards including the much coveted Prime Minister’s Literary Award.